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Who we are

I attended Sooner Trade School full time in 1977 and graduated in July of that year. Originally, it was not my intention to start my own heat and air business. After all, I was told in heat and air school that only about five percent of new service companies survive. But when I went to work for other companies, I found myself troubleshooting repairs that my superiorscould not fix and they had years of experience. After only a few months in the business, I thought I would try it on my own.


I opened for business and the next thing I know, I’d been in the business more than thirty years. I have been told the only way you could stay in business that long is to treat your Customers the way you want to be treated. And that is what we have done for many years.


It is my goal to make sure that our customers are happy with our services. Please feel free to contact me personally with any questions or concerns you might have. If you are one of our customers, thank you for your business. If you're not, we would be happy to help you with any heating, cooling, humidifying or air cleaning needs you might have.



Todd Rhines joined our firm in August of 1994 after proudly serving our Country in the US Navy for five years. Upon getting out of the Navy he came to stay with my wife (his mother) and me. It didn’t take him long to get bored, so he asked if he could help me out while he decides what career choice he would make. The business became something he thought he would like to pursue. He went to trade school for heating and air conditioning. He worked very hard and just seemed to have a knack for the business. And in 1996, I made him a co-owner. He is a hard worker, very thorough and knows his business. I am proud of his accomplishments and he is a great asset to this Company. Please feel free to call Todd for any of your heating and cooling needs.

Todd Rhines -  Owner

Lindsey Leach is the office manager at Treece and Rhines Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We value the qualities that she has brought and continue to bring to our company. She will be happy to take your call and direct you to the proper department.

Lindsey Leach - Office Manager

You will find comfort in knowing that you are dealing with a company that has your best interest at heart.

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Don Treece - Retired